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Join thousands of professionals seeking career advice, work/life balance tips and an infusion of optimism -- an antidote to doomscrolling. As a leadership expert, Amy shares what she learns through interviewing today's most prominent leaders, weaving in insights from years researching her bestselling book, The Setback Cycle. She inspires readers and educates them on how to reframe their approach to careers, parenthood and life.

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Amy’s Antidote: Demanding Your Downtime

Some of us don’t realize how badly we need a vacation until we finally take it. I had been telling myself (and everyone else) I didn’t need a break. "Energy is my superpower!" I yelled when people asked if I was exhausted. I was doing “so much.” Didn't I need to hit pause? Nah, I shrugged. I love what I do so I can keep going! I want to keep going! This was truly and honestly the way I felt after two straight months of multiple events per week, a book tour that had me flying all over the...

9 days ago • 4 min read
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